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Observation of B_s Production at the Y(5S) Resonance

American Physical Society
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Using the CLEO detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring, we have observed the B_s meson in e^+e^- annihilation at the Υ(5S) resonance. We find 14 candidates consistent with B_s decays into final states with a J/ψ or a D_s^((*)-). The probability that we have observed a background fluctuation is less than 8×10^(-10). We have established that at the energy of the Υ(5S) resonance B_s production proceeds predominantly through the creation of B_s^*B̅ _s^* pairs. We find σ(e^+e^-→B^s^*B̅ ^*)=[0.11_(-0.03)^(+0.04)(stat)±0.02(syst)]  nb, and set the following limits: σ(e^+e^-→B_sB̅ _s)/σ(e^+e^-→B_s^*B̅ _s^*)<0.16 and [σ(e^+e^-→B_sB̅ _s^*)+σ(e^+e^-→B_s*B̅ _s)]/σ(e^+e^-→B_s*B̅ _s^*)<0.16 (90% C.L.). The mass of the B_s^* meson is measured to be M_(B_s^*=[5.414±0.001(stat)±0.003(syst)]  GeV/c^2.

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