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Catalytic combustion of trichloroethene over Ru/Al2O3: Reaction mechanism and kinetic study

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Microsoft Word - CC-MDA-02-014.doc The Contribution of the Methanol-to-Aromatics Reaction to Benzene Methylation over ZSM-5 Catalysts Moses O. Adebajo* and Mervyn A. Long School of Chemical Sciences, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia Abstract The methanol to aromatics conversion is shown to contribute significantly to the benzene methylation with methanol at 400 °C over acidic ZSM-5 catalysts but such contribution over all catalysts is negligible at 250 °C. Benzene-only conversion shows only negligible contribution at both temperatures over the catalysts studied. However, it appears that the methanol-only conversion can be minimised, to enhance the benzene methylation with methanol (and indirectly the oxidative benzene methylation with methane), by using NaZSM-5 with highly reduced Brönsted acidity. Keywords: Benzene methylation, methanol, methane, methanol-only conversion, benzene-only conversion, methane conversion, ZSM-5. ______________________________________________________________________ * Corresponding Author. Phone: 61-2-9580-1785 E-mail address: [email protected] 2 1. Introduction Our recent investigations [1,2] have shown clearly that the presence of oxygen was required to yield the methylated products in the methylation of benzene with methane at 400 °C over ZSM-5 catalysts in a high pressure batch reactor. It was also observed that when catalyst was excluded and the batch reactor was flushed with oxygen prior to adding methane, methanol was the major product obtained (about 86 % methanol selectivity [2]). Furthermore, the methanol was not detected in the presence of the zeolite catalysts when oxygen was introduced into the reactor indicating that all the methanol, being more reactive than the initial methane reactant, was consumed to form methylated products over the catalysts. Thus, the reaction was postulated to

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