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& r5 iti U w T'lnA 5 111 l l IP T i "vvvr Vol. XIV. No. HONOLULU, II. I., FRIDAY EVJ3LUNG, NOVEMBER 20. 1S89. 60 OENTBsunoorciPTiorcPER MONTH : 5 r - : 1 i 'i, f THE DAILY BULLETIN Is printed ami published id thu offlru, Quoon Blroej., Uouulnlu, II. I., uvery afternoon (Sundays excepted). Subicrlptlon, - 60 cents per Month. Addrosa nil Communication!! Daiia BULIiKTlN. Advertisements, to ciuuro insertion, should be Uniwlud In buforo one o'clock V. M WALTER IIIIL Editor and Proprietor Bullotin Stoam Printing OlUoe. NuwBpaper, Boole and Job Printing of all kluds dono on the most favorablo ttrnis. iJcll Tclephono No. 2511 Uulual Telephone No. 35(1 THE DAILY BULLETIN Weekly Summary. An Interesting and comprehenslvo publication, contains 33 columnB of reading matter on local topics, and a complete resumo of Honolulu and Island News. It is the best paper published lu the Kingdom to send to friends u broad. Matmerlptlon: Island : : : l 00 year Foreign : : : 5 00 " Commission Merchants. IIACKFJ3LD .to Co.,H- - General Commission Agent. Honolulu a. W. MACrARLANE & Co. IMPORTERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Queen street, Honolulu. H. I. 1018 GONSAIYVES & CO., Wholesale Grocers & Wine Morohanta Beaver Block, Honolulu. Baawsu st oompant,C. (Limited) QHNERAL MEUOANTILK AUD Commission AooH'ra LIST OK OMMCKK8: P. C. Jones, Jr. . . .President & Managor I. O. Cahtsii. . . ..Treasurer & Secretary DinEerons: Hon. O. II. Bishop. H. C. Allkn, II. 888 ly T. WATBBHOUSB,JOHN Importer and Dealer in General Merchandise, Queen at., Honolulu. 1 S. N. Castlo.--J. B. Atherton--O. P. Castle & OOOKB,CA8TLH Shipping and Commission Merchants. Iinportors and Dealers inQeneral Merchandise, No. 80 King at., Honolulu. 1 Clam SjireclteU. Wm. O. Irwin. IBWIN & OOMPANY,WQ.Sugar Factors and Commission cuts, Honolulu. 1 Si CO.,WILDEB Dealers la Lumber, Palnta, Oils, Nallfl, Sal, and Building Materials of every kind, cor. Fort and Queen sts., Honolulu. ' 1 . Law

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