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Electrical and magnetic properties of Nb<sub>2</sub>O<sub>5</sub><sub>-</sub>γ crystallographic shear structures

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  • Materialers Atomare Struktur Og Egenskaber
  • Physics


The reduced niobium oxides Nb25O62, Nb47O116, Nb22O54, and Nb12O29 have been prepared in pure polycrystalline form by a niobium-metal gettering technique. They are related to the high niobia parent structure through the action of cystallographic shear to accommodate oxygen deficiency in Nb2O5-delta. Electrical conductivities increase with increasing reduction: Nb12O29 is a metallic conductor down to 0.3 K. All show, surprisingly, Curie-Weiss behavior in the chi-vs-T curves, with Nb12O29 ordering antiferromagnetically at 12 K.

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