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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Aura E. Severinghaus

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TELEPHONE SEDGWICK B-5200 THENEWYORKBOTANICALGARDEN BRONX PARK (FORDHAM BRANCH P. 0.) NEW YORK 58. N.Y. PRESIDENT JOSEPH R. SWAN VICE.PReslDMTs HENRY DEF. BALDWIN JOHN L. MERRILL TREASURER ARTHUR M. ANDERSON DIRECTOR WILLIAM J. ROBBINS December 5, 1946 Dr. Joshua Lederberg Osborn Botanical Laboratory Yale University New Haven, Connecticut Dear me tor Lederberg: I have your interesting letter of December 4 and have noted that you are perhaps going to work on Neurospora tetrasperma, or some similar type. clear to come down to the If you could see your way laboratory for a day to go over this subject with me and discuss the mycological side of your problem, I thdnk you would gain time on the whole. I have been busy late- ly discarding several hundred cultures which I have had standing around cluttering up my refri$erators* It just happens that 1 have not yet discarded the old stocks of N. tetrasperma and so may have several strains that you m ight use. s9 1v:y stocks of Sl are slow growers but when grown together they grow much more vigorously* I think by mating and selecting from these two strains you could get strains that fruit much more abundantly than these two do now. I have several wild type forms which fruit abundantly but the individual strains which mate grow just as fast as other heterocaryotic compound races- Out of the several hundred "hybrid" progeny it m i&t be that you could find some that are suitable for your work. You could, of course, start with your wild type strain and by irradiating, ma ting and selecting you could develop your own desirable races, all of which would be good practice and good for your mycology= I shall start out by sending you three or four cultures to begin with and see what I can find later on as I have opportunity make some cultures. In the meantime you should read my first paper on "Indurated Ascus Abortion" published in MYCOLOGIA in 1934, and then the o

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