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The perception of sensation seeking in familiar and unfamiliar others

Personality and Individual Differences
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DOI: 10.1016/0191-8869(88)90085-2


Abstract In Study I, 20 heterosexual couples filled out the Sensation Seeking Scale (Form V) for themselves and as they thought their partner would. The mean difference between the predicted score for one's partner and the partner's actual scale was -2.40 for the males and -1.10 for the females; neither of which significantly differed from 0. The predicted scores and actual scores were highly correlated ( r = 0.58 for males and r = 0.66 for females). The results support the idea that people are accurate in their estimations of sensation seeking in familiar others. In study II, the ability to evaluate sensation seeking in unfamiliar others was investigated. Segments from four commercial movies involving six different characters were shown to subjects. After viewing one of these segments subjects filled out a sensation seeking scale as they thought the movie character would. A high level of inter-observer agreement was observed for these ratings. Moreover, the ratings for each of the six characters were congruent with the experimenters' prior judgements of each character's level of sensation seeking. These data support the hypothesis that rapid and accurate judgements of the sensation seeking trait in unfamiliar others are possible.

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