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Thermal fluctuations and scaling characteristics of two-dimensional vortex matter in superconducting Bi2Sr2− xLaxCuO6+ δthin films

Physics Letters A
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DOI: 10.1016/s0375-9601(01)00730-7
  • Physics


Abstract An approach is proposed to account for the observed temperature and magnetic field dependence of the driving force on the vortex lattice. This approach takes into account the dynamical effects of the thermal fluctuations on the distribution of the pinning energies and consequently on the driving forces on the vortices. In the warmer regions of the superconductor the density of vortices are higher than in the colder regions. The density variations of the vortices leads to variations in the driving forces owing to the vortex–vortex repulsion. The inclusion of these dynamical effects in the vortex behavior leads to the nonlinear dependence of the driving force on the temperature and magnetic field. The results of the present approach are compared to the recently reported experimental measurements of Bi 2Sr 2− x La x CuO 6+ δ superconductor. The scaling structures of the experimental measurements, which are based on the predictions of a quasi-2D state of vortex matter, are in excellent agreements with the model calculations. The analysis indicates the importance of the thermal fluctuations on the temperature dependence of the magnetic phase diagram of the superconductor.

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