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Small-scale spatial structure and long-term variability of near-bottom layers in the HEBBLE area

Marine Geology
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DOI: 10.1016/0025-3227(91)90047-8


Abstract Analysis of ∼4 years of deep-ocean measurements in the HEBBLE area indicate significant mean spatial differences in bottom layer velocities as well as temperatures associated with the Cold Filament. The data indicate that the Cold Filament core (potential temperature less than 1.80°C) is order 7 km wide, comparable to the Rossby radius of deformation, and its location can fluctuate across slope in a range about four times larger than its instantaneous width. The signature of the variability of the Gulf Stream is evident in the bottom layer for periods of ≈90 days (the eddies range) and ≈1 year. Associated with a seasonal shift in the Gulf Stream position may be a small, out-of-phase, across-slope shift in the Cold Filament location. The observed spatial structure in the velocity field may be due to thermal wind effects associated with the inclination of the transition region above the Cold Filament core.

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