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A numerical consideration for development of wall type rockfall retaining-wall by using two-layered absorbing system and piled foundations

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  • 衝撃
  • 壁式落石防護擁壁
  • 二層緩衝構造
  • 杭基礎
  • Impact
  • Wall Type Rockfall Retaining-Wall
  • Two-Layered Absorbing System
  • Piled Foundalions
  • 510


A two-layered absorbing system, composed of RC slab for outer layer and EPS (Expanded Poly-Styrol) block for back layer, has been developed to effectively absorb the impact force occurred due to falling rocks colliding against gravity type rockfall retaining-wall. Design procedure for gravity type retaining-wall with two-layered absorbing system has also been established. However, there are some sites where this type retaining-wall cannot be constructed because highway has constructed along the cliff without much space. In this study, in order to set the rockfall retaining-wall, wall type one is proposed which is composed of two-layered absorbing system and concrete wall with piled foundations. An applicability of the proposed retaining-wall was numerically investigated by means of three-dimensional elasto-plastic finite element method. Finally, it is seen that two-layered absorbing system can effectively absorb the impact force and the proposed retaining-wall is feasible for practical applications.

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