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Modeling Framework for Mining Lifecycle Management

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  • Mining Information System
  • Plm
  • Mlm
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In the development process of the information of the mining engineering, it is difficult to directly exchange and share information in the different phases and different application system, which causes the information isolation and information gap due to lack of unified data exchange standards and information integration mechanism. The purpose of this research is to build a modeling framework for mining lifecycle information management. The conception of mining lifecycle management (MLM) is proposed based on product lifecycle management (PLM) and Hall three dimension structures. The frame system of mining lifecycle management has been established by the application route of the information integration technologies and information standards. The four-layer structure of the realization of MLM system is put forward, which draws up the development method of MLM system. -The application indicates that the proposed theories and technologies have solved the problem of information isolation in different phases and application in mining engineering, and have laid a foundation for information exchange, sharing and integration in mining lifecycle.

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