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Consumer perceptions and preferences on solid wood, wood-based panels, and composites: a repertory grid study

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  • Attribute Elicitation
  • Consumer Research
  • Kelly'S Repertory Grid
  • Content Analysis
  • Technology And Engineering
  • Communication


Knowledge about consumer perception and preferences on solid wood, wood-based panels, and wood-based composites is important for product development and marketing. The aim of this study was to identify attributes and associations that people use to describe different types of wood materials and to explore how they relate to preferences. The study involved nine samples that were evaluated with the Kelly's repertory grid technique and content analysis. Based on respondents' answers. 19 core categories reflecting sample attributes were extracted. General preferences for each sample were also recorded. Principal component analysis generated two factors describing 1) naturalness, wood-likeness, softness, unprocessed origin, living, pleasant, and high value; and 2) solid and homogeneous impression. A third, preliminary factor included categories describing irregular pattern,sleekness, and smoothness. The wood samples were most liked, whereas composites and panels were not appreciated. Preferred core categories were naturalness, wood-likeness, smoothness, living impression, and value. The least liked core categories were processed, hard, and high weigh. The implications of the results for product development and marketing are discussed.

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