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I Danni da fumo

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  • Bio/12 Biochimica Clinica E Biologia Molecolare Clinica
  • Biology
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The argument of this paper was the subject of a conference held at the Arzachena (Sardinia) middle school, as part of a Health Education program.<br/> After a brief introduction and some historical notes, the Author illustrates the composition of tobacco smoke, the substances whose biological action has definitely recognized, the damage they produce and their of acting. Special emphasis is given to the damage on the cardiovascular apparatus and to the definite connection between smoking and cancer, not only that on the respiratory apparatus, given that, among the substances present in smoke, many have a mutagen and cancerous action. A separate chapter is dedicated to so-called «secondhand smokers», among whom the most damaged is certainly the fetus during the smoking mother's pregnancy.<br/> As regards the prophylaxis on smoke damage, the Author recalls, as well, that less harmful cigarettes, with a filter and ventilated have been produced, but even so, not such as may be considered ideal cigarettes.<br/> Finally, the Author shows a certain scepticism about the usefulness of advertising papers, conferences and, in general, about Health Education iniziatives against smoking, it probably being more useful to make the existing law respected rigorously, which would, at least, serve to protect non-smokers from damage caused by others' smoking.

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