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The lengths of the links comply with the conditions: A͞B:A͞C=B͞Q:C͞P and A͞E:A͞D=E͞Q:D͞P. Links 1 and 2 turn about fixed axis A which is the centre of inversion transformation. Links 3 and 5 are connected by turning pairs C and B to link 2 and by turning pairs P and Q to links 6 and 4. Links 6 and 4 are connected by turning pairs D and E to link 1. For any configuration of the mechanism, points A, P and Q lie on a single straight line. When point P or Q travels along any arbitrary curve, the other point describes a curve which is the inversion of the first curve. Hence, the mechanism accomplishes inversion transformations of the form A͞P×A͞Q=B͞Q×C͞P-A͞B×A͞C=A͞E×A͞D-E͞Q×D͞P. $736$LW,GI$

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