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Aquem-alem-mar : presenças portuguesas em Machado de Assis

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The present work examines the manifold relations between the Brazilian writer Machado de Assis and his works and Portuguese writers and works. It consists of three parts. The first, named ?Machado de Assis? Portuguese-Brazilian context? - based on information gathered from the writer?s biography and from his own writings - is an attempt to elicit his family links, of intellectual affection and friendship, with Portuguese people living in Rio de Janeiro in the second half of the XIXth century, as well as the writer?s participation in some important events concerning the Brazilian side of the literary exchange between Portugal and Brazil at that time: the publication of the periodical O Futuro, edited by Faustino Xavier de Novais between 1861/62; the celebrations of the centennial year of Bocage?s birth, with the subsequent creation of the Arcádia Fluminene, in 1865; and also the Brazilian celebrations of the 300th anniversary of Luís de Camões?s death in 1880. The second part, named ?Machado de Assis and the national literature issue?, aims at building up a better understanding of how the writer faces the heritage of romantic and historiographic criticism, and his efforts towards establishing the distinctive character of Brazilian literature as opposed to other national literatures, mainly the Portuguese literature. Some fundamental texts of the Brazilian romantic historiography were reviewed - from many of which a clear anti-Portuguese feeling emerges - and some of Machado?s critical interventions, focusing precisely on the writer?s special way of facing the problem. Those passages of machadian critical texts containing references to Portugal and its cultural links to Brazil were underlined. Finally, part three, named ?Portuguese writers in the works of Machado de Assis?, is an attempt to draw a broad picture of references, quotations, mentioning in passing made by Machado concerning Portuguese works and writers throughout his published works. The identified names and works make up a whole range of representatives from the medieval literature to his contemporaries via the fundamental names of the Portuguese tradition, which is a good evidence of the extent of Portuguese readings accomplished by the Brazilian writer. Some of these ?presences? were brought to a special focus like, for example, his relationship with the ?classics of the language? (mainly those of the Renaissance); the utilization of Luís de Camões?s works - the Portuguese writer who was most often referred to and quoted - specially from Os lusíadas; the utilization of Almeida Garrett?s works - a writer who was very dear to Machado - pointing out the dialogue established between Memórias póstumas de Brás Cubas and Viagens na minha terra; references and evaluations concerning other Portuguese prose writers of the XIXth century, such as Alexandre Herculano, Camilo Castelo Branco and Eça de Queiroz; and, finally, capturing the symbolic role performed by Portugal in the economy of the novel Memorial de Aires, the last of Machado de Assis? novels

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