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Possibilities for the industrialisation of the Associated African and Malagasy States. Synoptic report. 13.086/VIII/B/66-F

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Possibilities for the Industrialisation of the Associated African and Malagasy States. Synoptic Report .~· l)irect(:,rate General De:partm&nt o£ Devel. the f)eYelo.,aent ot O•erseas t z:;·Ur9eye POSSDlLJfX.; .roa THE lbV8 nl.A.Lit::ATI OM or !r&E ASSUOI.&Ti» UIICAB AJrD M.IL\GN~t STAT:fll collsvs Text Box Introduction t::.~ ec tiOJa J • T~~ X'f!~,!_a,.I'C~J~~.f«a..llle z. Industr1a11sattea and developmeat II• J~iAits and objectt.YetJ of the survey III. MethO<iolo~".:;7 aud tiae•tabJ..e of the sur Y&J 1. Industrial Llttv&lop.ment in the h'eetera zone II. 1.ndu.stria.l f>r!Vf!J.o~mcnt iG the UDElO ll.I:. J.neuatrial n.avolopmont l.ll the DeaoeraJ.t:&..c Re1::t.~blie of Cong·o IV. Il" ·l>eYel.ctpltsnt ill :-bta.Dda aftd ~Jrund1 v. I.nduBtrle~ Development :i.a !1adagatscar Vl. Industrial Develop~n~nt in Somalia ; .chedule or Indut~"rial .tkstabl.irduu~nts paps 1 - ' 4 - 2} l;. - 8 8 - 18 18 - 23 26 - 32 36 - 38 :;8 - 40 f}Q - 42 Introduction aafl aobe4ue of U&e P•.1•••• ex .. 1ae41 44 • \ b7 ,.. .., ... ,. 1. teai At~ica 11. ~ •• ,,al Afrieaa •ooa .. 11 aa4 c ...... la1oa Ill. f~e U.•ocra\1e lep•blie of ••• Coaae IY. Lake jiesioa (1.1••·Ruau•Bvaa41) y. Maclaaa•caw Yl· a ... 11a ~..w.L,J~:.t""'~~-'"'·~~~,:,~ri;;,glfolit£iA'~'~"'ffitf __ ;,4pc'lt"-zt·tf:;Mi1iff·,·..._~-~:.~,~,( 61 - 8? 81 - ll.4 ll' - 1)2 1 - 2~(26) 2;(2?) - itO('tlt) 4l.(lt)) - ,.,,,0) the oreat~oa of new iadust~iee of varylas t.portanoe or has on tile fol' ex,,aaaion or tos- the establis!;uaent ot new industries. Ca 2 the other hand, tile Aaeociated States are becomlag ever more alive to their noed tor co•ord,iDated effort and orga.Giaat1.on oa a pluri-national soale if they are to achieve inciuetrial 4eftlo:pment and, W'ith thi.e end ia Yi.ft'Wt tbey have set up rectonal bodies to ooap~• and debate national interests, It wae theee special considerations which prompted the Coemi.esion to enlfieage a pro

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