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Hospodářská konvergence vybraných států Evropské unie

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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  • Maastrichtská Konvergenční Kritéria
  • Evropská Unie
  • Eurozóna
  • Euro
  • Hospodářská A Měnová Unie
  • Inflace
  • Mechanismus Směnných Kurzů
  • Veřejný Deficit
  • Vládní Dluh
  • Maastricht Convergence Criteria
  • The European Union
  • Euro Area
  • Euro
  • European Monetary Union
  • Inflation
  • Exchange Rate Mechanism
  • Public Deficit
  • Government Debt
  • Economics


This Bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of Convergence of the Visegrad Group´s Countries. In the first part the Thesis is focused on describing the key Incidents that preceded the process of Economic and Monetary Union, including the final stages, which were crucial for its very existence. The next Section describes the role of the European Central Bank, as a crucial Institution in the conduct of monetary policy of Euro area´s member states. As a theoretical foundation for analytical processing of the second part is in the following section a definition of convergence, including closer economic characteristics of real and Nominal Convergence. Countries wishing to enter the final stage of European Monetary Union must meet the Maastricht Criteria, which in this work are defined in detail. In order to that Member Countries adhere to a disciplined and stable Economic Environment after joining the Eurozone, the Stability and Growth Pact exists and to it is devoted the last section in the theoretical part. The second part of the analytical part is focused on the evaluation of fulfillment of the nominal Maastricht Criteria for the Visegrad Four states. Given the choice was intentional, as part of this group is the one member state of European Monetary Union. In this analytical section is at the beginning each state analyzed separately and then in the Results Part are analyzed the results in comparison of results obtained from previous analysis. The analyzed Countries are monitored and evaluated for period of 2006 - 2010, and period when the states align with the negative effects of the global economic crisis.

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