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informatologia_knjizniblok_final43_4.indd DOKUMENTACIJSKI LISTIĆI / DOCUMENTATION SHEETSII Informatologia, 43, 2010, 4, 269-279 Literature: Serial Bibliographic level: Analytic UDC: 681.3:659.3:007 ISSN: 1330-0067 Coden: IORME7 Short title: Informatologia, Zagreb Vol. No. (Year): 43(2010) Issue No: 4 Other indetifi cation: INFO-2004 Page numbers 269-279 Received: 2010-01-18 Issued: 2010-10-11 Language –of text: Engl. – of Summary: Engl.,Croat. References: 18 Tables: 6 Figures: 3 Category: Original Scientifi c Paper Title: THE INFLUENCE OF THE FIELD OF STUDY ON THE USE OF MODERN INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES AMONG STUDENT AND TEACHERS Author(s): Mateja Pšunder, Mateja Ploj Virtič* Affi lation: Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia* Key words: teacher competencies, use of ICT in the study process, diff erent fi elds of study, PCK, TPACK. Abstract: Being a teacher is becoming a growingly demanding job, as the swift development of modern technologies is undoubtedly expanding the required competence framework. Diff erent information and communication technologies have become part of the necessary competencies, as teachers are educators of the Y generation, which is characterised by its members using the computer in each aspect of their lives. The use of the computer is specifi c for each individual fi eld of instruction and as such cannot be directly compared. This article presents the results of a survey into how the fi eld of study infl uences the use of ICT and the computer in student teachers. The sample covered fourth grade students of diff erent fi elds of study (teacher training programmes): students of natural, technical and computer sciences, students of social sciences and humanities and students of the department of ele

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