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Florula officinale della bassa valle di Bunnari (Sardegna settentrionale)

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  • Bio/15 Biologia Farmaceutica
  • Biology


The officinal flora of the low valley of Bunnari (Northern Sardinia) has been examined. In order to emphasize the percentage of the officinal species in ratio to the amount of total species, the whole flora has been listed; and the aspects of the vegetation have been briefly referred to so as to set the flora in its environment. 334 taxa and 331 species, belonging to 225 genera and 69 families, have been singled out; of this group, whose distribution in the area and biological cycle has been studied, about 69% are officinal, and about 45% are classical medicinal plants.<br/> The belt appears interesting from the point of view of the landscape, the vegetational milieus and the officinal flora, and merits consideration. It could be regarded as a natural «officinal» garden.

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