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Does education matter? Myths about education and economic growth / Alison Wolf. London: Penguin books, 2002.

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FTP 1/05 engleski DOES EDUCATION MATTER? MYTHS ABOUT EDUCATION AND ECONOMIC GROWTH, Alison Wolf, 2002, Penguin Books, London, 332 pages Review* The last 15 years have been a golden period in the educational system, in which in many surveys and articles education was adduced as the most important determinant of economic growth and social development. The constant underlining of the importance of education led almost to a fixation with quantifiable goals, as a means for politicians and governments to be able to measure progress and express the results satisfactorily. This directed attention to things that could be easily measured, so there was almost a frenzy of increasing the numbers of enrolled and graduated students, and achieving higher educational and qualification levels among the population and employees. Even in the most developed countries – particularly in the USA and UK –different services and agencies were established for measuring the success of schools, the ranking of uni- versities, and modernisation of curricula. There were standing programs for linking the economy and education, and politicians with left or right orientations constantly empha- sized the importance of education for economic competitiveness. The democratization of the educational process, greater accessibility and the equalization of educational stan- dards and institutions were enthusiastically enjoined, mostly leading to the ruin of the existing situation. Many of the truths and lies linked with education are discussed by Alison Wolf in book Does education matter? Myths about education and economic growth. The publisher is Penguin Books from London. Alison Wolf, Professor of Education at London University, in her book very sharply, bravely and with adequate evidence explains in detail many of the mistakes that have been made in the education- al system, especially in Great Britain, but also analyses the situation in other countries. There is general concord about the importance of education as key

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