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Multiple fleet aircraft schedule recovery following hub closures



This paper presents three multi-commodity network-type models for determining a recovery schedule for all aircraft operated by a large carrier following a hub closure. The first is a pure network with side constraints, the second is a generalized network, and the third is a pure network with side constraints in which the time horizon is discretized. Each model allows for cancellations, delays, ferry flights, and substitution between fleets and subfleets. In the first two cases, the objective is to maximize a "profit" function which includes an incentive to maintain as much of the original aircraft routings as possible. In the third case, the objective is to minimize the sum of cancellation and delay costs. After comparing solution quality and computation times for each of the three models, the first was seen to outperform the others and was singled out for further analysis. Results for a comprehensive set of scenarios are presented along with ideas for continuing work.

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