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Performance optimization of an adaptive wireless push system in environments with locality of demand

Computer Communications
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DOI: 10.1016/j.comcom.2006.02.008
  • Adaptive Data Broadcasting
  • Learning Automata
  • Locality Of Demand
  • Variable Bit Rate


Abstract In many data broadcasting applications clients are grouped into several groups, each one located at a different region, with the members of each group having similar demands. This paper proposes a mechanism that exploits locality of demand in order to increase the performance of wireless data dissemination systems. It trades the received energy per bit redundancy at distances smaller than the radius of the service area for an increased bit rate and thus increased transmission speed for items demanded by clients at such distances. The paper focuses on performance optimization of clients located around the geographical area of interest. It does so by protecting degradation caused by clients that are located elsewhere and demand the same information items with clients inside that area. Simulation results are presented that reveal significant performance improvement for clients located around the area of interest.

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