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The problems and Reform Measures of Government Financial Support for Non-Government Environmental Organization

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  • 정부와 Ngo의 관계
  • 민간 환경단체
  • Ngo에 대한 정부재정지원
  • Ngeo
  • Non-Government Environmental Organization
  • Ecology
  • Geography
  • Political Science


This paper is to overcome the myth voluntarism and present a desirable direction of governmental environment policy in the future through activation of Non-Government Environmental Organization(NGEO). In order to attain the purpose of this study, the contents of the study are set as follows. 2) To analysis the formula and the conditions of the government financial support for NGEO and 3) To discover the point at issue in the government financial support for NGEO and to provide suggestions for reform measures. As measures for reform, the following are recommended: 1) Financial support within the realm without interfering the self-regulation of NGEO, 2) Heightening of specialization in constitution of an evaluation committee, the settlement of rational evaluation, 3) Enlargement of both financial support and other indirect support, and 4) Unification of the government financial support for NGEO in order to promote the rational distribution in resources, the specialization and equity of environmental administration.

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