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Very high performance 50 nm T-gate III-V HEMTs enabled by robust nanofabrication technologies

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  • T Technology (General)


In this paper, we review a range of nanofabrication techniques which enable the realization of uniform, high yield, high performance 50 nm T-gate III-V high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs). These technologies have been applied in the fabrication of a range of lattice matched and pseudomorphic InP HEMTs and GaAs metamorphic HEMTs with functional yields in excess of 95%, threshold voltage uniformity of 5 mV, DC transconductance of up to 1600 mS/mm and f/sub T/ of up to 480 GHz. These technologies and device demonstrators are key to enabling a wide range of millimeter-wave imaging and sensing applications beyond 100 GHz, particularly where array-based multi-channel solutions are required.

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