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Framework of mobile application for students

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  • Computer And Information Science


Because in the learning process at the Faculty of Computer and Information science, Moodle web application is used and when it is accessed via web browser on mobile device, large amount of irrelevant information for user is transferred and as nowadays almost every mobile application uses data transfer for their normal operation, it is important that the amount of data transferred is reduced. This mobile application was developed, to solve the problem with large amount of transferred data, which in addition to the Moodle web application log in, it also allows advertising. Later upgrades could include other functionalities important for students. Because this mobile application uses advertising it was necessary to create web application to allow creation and managing this advertising messages and web services to access them. This thesis is divided into three parts. In the initial part the mobile application development is described which allows the Moodlee web application log in. This part also describes how advertising messages are sorted. The second part describes web application for adding and managing advertisement messages and how is for its safety taken care of. The third part describes how web services are made and how do they work.

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