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Report drawn up on behalf of the Legal Committee on the paramountcy of Community law over the laws of Member States. EP Working Documents 1965-66, Document 43, 28 May 1965

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$" EUNOPDIIN ACONOMIC COMMUIIITY EUBOPDAN ATONflC ENENGY COMMUNTIY EUBOPEAN COAL ANI) STEEL COMMUNITY EUROPEAI\ PARLIAMEI\T WORKING DOCT]ME]\TS 1965-1966 25 MAY 1965 ENGLISH EDITION' DOCUI}IENT 48 R*port drawn up on behalf of the Legal Committee the Paramountcy of Community Law over the Laws of Member States Rapportetur: Mr. T. Dehousse x This translation must not be treated'as an official text. Readers are reminded that the official texts exist only in the Dutch, f,'rench, German and Italian languages. . At its maeting 91 27 Decqrtuber 796t, the Legol Cornmdttee itociilait to tankl'e the problem ol thc paromountcg ol CommwnitA l,aw ouer the lanas ol Member Btotes. On'l trawatg 1965, tho Blneaw of the [email protected] Porl,ia,ltuent awthoriaeil the I'egal Comnt'ittee to draw up a report on this subject. At'l,ts meeting ol 21 |a*uary 7965, the Le7al Cernmittee appolnteitr Mr. Dehou'eso Roppor' teur. Tha l*gal Committee iLealt lu:ith the yrobtem ol the poramountcg ol Communitg lau ot dts metfus of 78 FeAruarg, 15 Morch ard 20 Aprfrl 1965. The report W Mr. Dehousso anitr the itrrolt rasolutton oprpenileil to lt wera wwndmouslgpmseit;by the Legal [email protected] at its meeting ol 26 Aptil L965. The lollouing were presant uhen th,e oote lulas tokem : Mr. Weinkwnm, Qhuinnon ; Mr. DtoaotIlVertnitw, Ybe-Clwbma,n; Mr. Deltunse, napf,orteur,' tr4essra. De Botb, Estdote' ?etrwi, lottsserts, Polwr, Edoun onil Vawwllen (ibputV lor Mr, Catcresowtp). Contents Page Page Introihrctlon 1 - CEAPTEV II : Corrstitutk>w ol the Member Stotes A - Stofuril Intemattotwl Lout and Cotn- dtunitg Low cEAPtrEn r.'rJegal theory . 2 :l :yd R'epublb ol Germa"ns ' 8b) Italu 10 c)grdlrrce ,:. 10 ., itr) Belgilurtu 11 ' e) Iaoembourg t2 B - rhrlofurs on the raluttrtnship betu;wn t) Nsthsrt&trds ' ' Qommanitg laut and iloswstic lau . 4 CEfiPTES III : The madn itrisputae ot law 13 Irrett resohlrtkm . 23 C - fhe matn aspeots 6l the yroblern, . 6 Annpoe . : 25 REPORT on the paramoun

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