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Cytochrome abnormalities and cyanide-resistant respiration in extranuclear mutants of Aspergillus nidulans.

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The cytochrome spectra of two extranuclear mutants of Aspergillus nidulans and the double-mutant recombinant formed from them have been examined both at room temperature and at the temperature of liquid N2 and compared with those of the wild-type strain. The oligomycin-resistant, slow growing mutant contained an increased amount of cytochrome c without any loss of cytochromes b and a,a3. The cold-sensitive mutant, apparently normal when grown at 37 C, showed an increased amount of cytochrome c and a partial loss of cytochromes b and a,a3 when grown at 20 C. A combination of these effects was observed in the double-mutant recombinant. Cyanide-resistant respiration was present in both mutant strains and in the recombinant at much higher levels than in the wild-type strain. In the oligomycin-resistant mutant, this was usually present together with cyanide-sensitive respiration, whereas in the cold-sensitive mutant and recombinant grown at 20 C cyanide-resistant approached 100%. Inhibitor and growth yield studies indicated that the cyanide-resistant pathway was not used by the cold-sensitive mutant during growth at 20 C.

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