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Proceedings of the 37th Sapporo Symposium on Partial Differential Equations

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Proceedings of the 37th Sapporo Symposium on Partial Differential Equations Edited by Series 153#. August, 2013 i Y. Giga, S. Jimbo, G. Nakamura, T. Ozawa, T. Sakajo, H. Takaoka, Y. Tonegawa and K. Tsutaya, HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY TECHNICAL REPORT SERIES IN MATHEMATICS #131 H. Kubo and T. Ozawa, Sapporo Guest House Symposium, Final “Nonlinear Partial Differential Equa- tions” 73 pages. 2008. #132 H. Kang, 第 16回 COE研究員連続講演会『CHAOS IN TRAVELING WAVES IN LATTICE SYSTEMS OF UNBOUNDED MEDIA』, 13 pages. 2008. #133 G.-J. Chung, editor:Y. Kimura, Introduction to Various Models in Image Processing, 61 pages. 2008. #134 H. Takagi and R. Uno, 研究会報告書『動的システムの情報論 (7)』, 110 pages. 2008. #135 T. Ozawa, Y. Giga, S. Jimbo, G. Nakamura, Y. Tonegawa, K. Tsutaya and T. Sakajo, 第 33回偏微分方 程式論札幌シンポジウム, 72 pages. 2008. #136 T. Sakajo, Y. Nishiura, H. Suito, K. Nishinari, M. Nagayama and T. Amemiya, JSTさきがけ研究集会 『環境問題における数理の可能性』, 83 pages. 2008. #137 H. Hida, T. Ito, H. Katsurada, K. Kitagawa (transcribed by T. Suda), Y. Taguchi, A. Murase and A. Yamagami. K. Arai, T. Hiraoka, K. Itakura, T. Kasio, H. Kawamura, I. Kimura, S. Mochizuki, M. Murata and T. Okazaki, 整数論札幌夏の学校, 201 pages. 2008. #138 J. Inoguchi, いろいろな幾何と曲線の時間発展, 66 pages. 2008. #139 M. Hayashi, I. Saito and S. Miyajima, 第 17回関数空間セミナー, 91 pages. 2009. #140 T. Suda, Y. Umeta, K. Kasai, M. Kasedou, T. Yamanoi and K. Yoshida, 第 5回数学総合若手研究集会, 252 pages. 2009. #141 T. Ozawa, Y. Giga, T. Sakajo, S. Jimbo, H. Takaoka, K. Tsutaya, Y. Tonegawa, G. Nakamura 第 34回 偏微分方程式論札幌シンポジウム, 67 pages. 2009. #142 K. Kasai, H. Kuroda, T. Nagai, K. Nishi, S. Tsujie and T. Yamaguchi, 第 6回数学総合若手研究集会, 267 pages. 2010. #143 M. Hayashi, T. Nakazi, M. Yamada and R. Yoneda, 第 18回関数空間セミナー, 80 pages. 2010. #144 Liang Chen, Doctoral thesis “On differential geometry of surfaces in anti de Sitter 3-space”, 79 pages. 2010. #145 T. Funaki, Y. Giga, M.-H. Giga, H. Ishii, R. V. Kohn, P. Rybka, T. S

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