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Nanometer-size magnetic domains and coherent magnetization reversal in a giant exchange-bias system

American Physical Society
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  • Superconducting Materials
  • Superledende Materialer


The role of magnetic domains and domain walls in exchange bias has stimulated much contemporary deliberation. Here we present compelling evidence obtained with small-angle scattering of unpolarized- and polarized-neutron beams that magnetization reversal occurs via formation of 10-100s nm-sized magnetic domains in an exchange-biased DyFe2/YFe2 superlattice. The reversal mechanism is observed to involve rotation of magnetization in and out of the sample plane. Remarkably, the domains are arranged in a quasiperiodic manner in the plane of the sample. The length scale of domain formation is similar to that of structural defects at the seed-layer-superlattice interface.

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