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Drink-Driving: A training video

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Microsoft Word - JasonPEECS.doc A Comparative Study of Digital Game Platforms for Educational Purposes Kowit Rapeepisarn1, Sumet Pongphankae2, Kok Wai Wong3, Chun Che Fung4 School of Information Technology, Murdoch University Murdoch, WA 6150, Australia Email1,3,4:{k.rapeepisarn|k.wong|l.fung} Email2: [email protected] Abstract—Digital games have gradually been accepted as learning tools in schools and colleges. They can be run or distributed on several platforms including DVD-ROMs or CD- ROMs for personal computers; consoles for television-based systems; game specific handheld consoles; and, handheld units such as personal digital assistance (PDA), portable computers or mobile phones. This paper reports the features, components, and advantages of these digital platforms for educational uses. It is expected that this comparative study will be useful for digital game manufacturers, educators and users who are interested in the development and use of this digital media for education purposes. I. INTRODUCTION Digital games today have become an important part of most children’s leisure activities and increasingly being integrated as an important part of children culture as a whole. In the past, these kinds of games have been considered as a disruption to the class activities, such as school work and playing during recess. Today, however, researchers, teachers and designers of learning resources [1], [2], [3], [4] have increasingly accepted this kind of media and believe it can be used to complement children’s learning. Digital games can play on many platforms including personal computers on-line or off- line; on game consoles which use television as the display; on handheld consoles which run software on cartridges or memory devices; and on handheld units such as mobile phones which use the machine’s communication channel to downloaded software [5]. This paper considers digital games in two broad categories: non-portable and

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