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Adaptive Goal Oriented Action Planning for RTS Games

Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/COM
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  • Datavetenskap
  • Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence
  • Adaptive
  • Ai
  • Rts


This thesis describes the architecture of an adaptive goal-oriented AI system that can be used for Real-Time Strategy games. The system is at the end tested against a single opponent on three dierent maps with dierent sizes to test the ability of the AI opposed to the 'standard' Finite State Machines and the likes in Real-Time Strategy games. The system consists of a task handler agent that manages all the active and halted tasks. A task is either low-level; used for ordering units, or high-level that can form advanced strategies. The General forms plans that are most advantageous at the moment. For creating eective units against the opponent a priority system is used; where the unit priorities are calculated dynamically.

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