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Letter from Burton A. Waisbren to Joshua Lederberg

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BROADWAY 2-1506 BURTON A. WAISBREN, M. D. aurfe SSl BINKERII aUlLD,Na 2OS EAST WISCONSIN AVENUE MILWAUKEE 2, WISCONSIN PRIcTlCL LIMlTlm TO INTERNAL MEDICINE March 7, 1952 Joshua Lederberg Associate Professor o f Genetics The University o f W isconsin Co llege o f Agriculture Dear Dr. Lederberg: Thank you For yorzr letter o f Feb . 15th. I wonder if it m ight be possible for me to spend a few nours w ith you on Saturday a fternoon Xarch 15th and also see how you do your isolations. I wou ld appreciate very much %e opportunity and hope it w ill no t inconvenience you too much. Sincerely yours, Burton A. daisbaren, &De BAW: jen

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