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Vascular screening in asymptomatic subjects using non-contrast MRA

Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
Springer (Biomed Central Ltd.)
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DOI: 10.1186/1532-429x-14-s1-p129
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Vascular screening in asymptomatic subjects using non-contrast MRA POSTER PRESENTATION Open Access Vascular screening in asymptomatic subjects using non-contrast MRA Yuki Sekine-Ohmoto1*, Makiko Ishihara2, Takashi Yoshida3, Junji Takahashi3, Takashi Yamamoto1, Hiroyuki Tsuji1, Yasuji Arase1 From 15th Annual SCMR Scientific Sessions Orlando, FL, USA. 2-5 February 2012 Summary Vascular screening including the coronary, carotid, renal arteries and aorta using non-contrast MRA in 300 asymptomatic subjects detected atherosclerosis lesions including the coronary artery in 5% of participants. Background Atherosclerosis is a systemic disease affecting arteries in a whole body and a major cause of death in the world. There are few data, however, on the extent of the dis- eases associated with atherosclerosis in asymptomatic subjects. Objective of this study was to identify the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in asymptomatic subjects using non-contrast MRA. Methods We performed vascular screening including the coron- ary, carotid, renal arteries and aorta using MRA (1.5 T commercial scanner, Toshiba Medical Systems Excelart Vantage TM powered by Atlas) and biochemistry tests in asymptomatic subjects from October 2008 to July 2011. Imaging of carotid arteries was performed by time of flight methods. Imaging of coronary arteries was per- formed by corrected respiratory-triggered and cardiac- triggered steady-state-free-precision (SSFP) sequence with fat suppression and T2 preparation. The data of the magnetic resonance coronary angiography (MRCA) was transferred to the workstation with image recon- struction software (AZE VirtualPlace Fujin, AZE Ltd., Tokyo, Japan). Imaging of renal arteries was performed by steady-state-free-precision (SSFP) sequence with time-SLIP pulse. The diseases of the aorta were detected by sagittal images of the coronary artery and coronal images of the renal artery by which the whole aorta from the ascending aorta to common iliac arteries was covered.

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