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James C. Adkins

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Microsoft Word - UFLC39.wpd UFLC 39 Interviewee: Justice James C. Adkins Interviewer: Denise Stobbie Date: February 10, 1987 S: This is Denise Stobbie interviewing Justice Adkins at his alma mater, the University of Florida College of Law. This interview supplements the Oral History interview with Justice Adkins of November 8, 1984. Today's date is February 10, 1987. Justice Adkins will you please state your full name. A: James Calhoun Adkins. S: Where is your hometown? A: Now I am living in Tallahassee, I was born in Gainesville though. S: Your date of birth? A: January 18, 1915. S: Let's start with some background and I want to cover some areas that Sid Johnston had talked with you about. I have read about your childhood experiences in the courtroom where you said that you learned more about the actual practice of law there than in law school. What can students today learn from sitting in the courtroom? A: I think they would learn to automatically react to inadmissable evidence you might say. As you sit there and hear somebody say something and some lawyer objects, you hear the argument, you really do not understand it necessarily but nevertheless you get to the point where you recognize that something was wrong. And that is quite helpful in the actual trial. You do not have to devote too much of your attention to inadmissable evidence. When I tried law suits, I could be half asleep and if something was inadmissable it would hit me like a bolt of lightening and I would jump up and object. I did not have to look for it, it just became automatic. My problem was that, of course during the trial I do not think you should object to everything that is inadmissible because that could tie up the trial and the jury gets tired of it. I finally got to the point where I had to weed out what I wanted to object to. It is very helpful, it trains you. S: You would recommend that for law students today? A: O

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