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Memorandum on the rationalisation and coordination of vocational training programmes at Community level. COM (90) 334 final, 21 August 1990

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(90) 334 final Brussels,21 August 1990 UEJroRANDW OtJ THE RATIONALISATION AND COORDINATION OF VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAUUES AT ~UNITY LEVEL (presented by the Commission) - 1 - CONTENTS A. INTRODUCTION B. OBJECTIVES c. BACKGROUUD FACTORS D. TOWARDS A NE\'1 FRAUE\':ORK E. EVALUA Tl ON AND MotH TOR I NG F. DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION G. RELATIONS \'liTH UEt!BER STATES H. UANAGEUHIT OF PROGRAl.OJES I. CONCLUSIONS Annex A Annex B Annex C Tabular summary of tho characteristics of each programme Summary of tho objoctlvos of tho programmes Tabular Summary of actions to tako - 2 - A. I tJTRODUCT I oa (1) Tho Commission's work program~c for 1990 provided for tho presentation of a l.l~morandum on tho rntlonnl izatlon and coordination of cc~munlty actions In tho flold of vocational training. This wns nlso foreseen In tho Corr:mlsslon's action programme concerning lmplcrr.entntlon of the Community Charter of workers' fundamental social right~. (2) This Memorandum Is thorofare presented by tho Commission for lnformnt ton to tho Europcnn P:~r! lm.1~mt, the Council, nnd to tho Economic and Social Com~lttoo. (3) The aim of tho Memorandum Is to ostabl Ish an ovoral I framework of roforonce which can bo usod In futuro In locating and managing alI Community Initiatives and nctlons In tho context of tho development of the common vocntlon<ll training policy, based on Artlclo 128 of tho Treaty and In onsurlng a VJOII-coordlnatod approach to the dcvo lopment of Corr.mun I ty moasuros des lgnod to Improve tho quality of hum:m rossourcos In tho Community and In the wider Europe. This framework I~ Intended to streamline the Commission's dlfforont training Initiatives, and also to onablo the Commission to onsuro tho necessary Interrelationships and coordination with other Community pol lclos which contribute to tho general obJective of Improving tho ski I Is of people throughou

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