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Agreement between the Community and Argentina. Information Memo P-37/71, November 1971

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COMMISSION OES COMMUNAUTES EUROPEENNES. KOMMISSION OER EUROFAISCHEN GEMEINSCHAFTEN . COMMISSIONE OELLE COMUNITA EUROPEE . COMMISSIE VAN DE EUROPESE GEMEENSCHAPPEN . COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITTES GROUPE DU PORTE-- PAROLE SPRECHERGRUPPE GRUPPO DEL PORTAVOCE BUREAU VAN DE WOORDVOERPER SPOKESMAN':S GROUF .. -..... :: :. . t[0Tt 0'tilt0Rttl|ATt0il . tt{t0n||l|AI0ats[}lt A|Jilil[t|ilt|t{fi tlBR fiRry ilr0nlltzl0ilt . TtB 00c|lilfillAl|t. |ilr0n|tl|Al|0lt| |t|tlt40 A trade a3reemeirt between the'Corar.iunity and the Republic of Argdn',,ine, was sigrred" "dn'$ Novembei LgTt' at Brussels by ]rir A. I,1oro, Fresid,ent*in;offlod oT the Counci.f iand'trtf FrM. '},{aIfatti, President of the Coramission, e4d b; Mr L,.ir.{. De Pablo Pard-or tlie Argentinian Foreign Minis'terj' ::'"" i.i ':::... ': i i.. ':.i':'i Brussels, AGNEU,{MIT BETTIEII'T $IE COI'N.{IJI{ITT Ai,[D ARGm\NffA "lNovember L9TL ,. the,part-ies j.n . agriculture. exphanges of inf,orutation; ' , which. may ariser and The a6reeltr'ei:t 'wa.s rnegotia.ted. e.t rueletings held- a.t Brussels in I ' Januarxr, Iliaiciritrid Jrrhe'197r,'by tir ljr fettamlaiir'-i.Arabassadoi and Chief ' of the ArgentfntilMtssion 'witlti.*he a"*ii'o'pean O'oiiimuli"tites':a:rd "by .l,'ir I'trr 'Ei"rrst,Director in the Directorate-General foq htcrnal Trade. The.lagreement is of 'ia"i:oh-prefereritial.tinatufdr''ahrl the tr,tb parties'gr;xrt each other inost- favouied-nation treatnentrr',t"rtih the''risual exoep*i.q4i. . ,,_ -' The basic objective of the e-greement is to i:,iprove economic-and trade relations betlveerl :the'tr"io ]ro.rilCs at institritionai'-I<ivel-. i-:.'. : : : ' The general clauses relate to: (i) Tire highest lerrel possible of mutual'liberalization of imports I i- r'.:,:.,.-;, .,.;i:. .4'..ii,i:1., gnd avnnrtq,*-* .---.'.- --l , j.:r ,r .. . I ., ',. : ..(i:.) ffre establishrnent f, coop.qration letween , Thris qiLl ngquire,. in par."ti.pular regular endeavours to solve the various problems coopera

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