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Letter from Barna Gyorffy to Joshua Lederberg

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I’,- Ialtitote o? %#tior BudaRert, XL. mdapalt,20,~,1967 Eermn Ott45 ut l.5 Prtaferrror Ledawbsrg, It mu awan yoarr ago whea I intended to bogla UOY work with baa- teria,aad you wera rlre kindly 8mdiag m8 10131) roprintr after qy ro- quorrt.!!mwsr the reali8atLon failed l speolally in the ly8mkeirt -tied thur ay #tart dalayod till lQb4.We have had my troubler not only on aOeOUB%t Sf th8 [email protected](ltOd go88ibflitiO8 ww hrre,but having ao '#B88ibi- liti te dimmar OtW pz'6blom8.f rtuted with the 8tl'O~t~~Oin r#ri;- kaoe in 8orratir 8Ud th. l X~riarat8 Wont 01 +i%h hali POrtit mad ulth nuay firroea~Th.refe~ I ‘ML8 muoh rtrrpr$sbd getting the imitation te the Ciba-+torium honoring m to tab part.In 8O#@rbOr 1 thought yof that tit& 8 rtrainod fini8h perhapr we should be able to aenflra 8om of our 8?&@08ted ~errolu8ionr,Eonror,~~ oetober event8 bumted out W the aftrreffeot hindered PI to do m,throe mm& long wo ooald not perform experimenter in our labs,[email protected] I gave UP to give any foraral paper on the 15ym308fum. A8 far a8 I am inforlrsd from 6ur Aoadeqy of 8OiO11~08,~ m88OpOlrt will be arranged,and 1 ham now guod h6plb8 to be able to join the aya- po8inm.I a& rrry glad of it,bOOau8e I @hall ?mrs now the opportunity to met you alro,and I hop0 you will bo [email protected] to give m opportunity to di8Ou88 Our pslrbloau.1 think you cannot own iaagine how many diffi- O\pltiO8 al?. @iBig &P~iOr8-8Ol8Oti8B8 qUit0 Olelrhta~ t8ohl%iOal ORI08 - if ,@onmbody ir beginuing Monrr work in 8Wh an isolation we hare had. - 1 ri8h to l xpre88 my tbBk8 Ed80 to you giviag help to &.Tolacrt ia hi8 hard 8itaatioa. wi:th beat regards very oineerely your8 ._ i fiti& 4+%+ Barna @y8rffy ad

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