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Appendix I-A: Uses of Wealth Estimates

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Appendix I-A: Uses of Wealth Estimates This PDF is a selection from an out-of-print volume from the National Bureau of Economic Research Volume Title: Measuring the Nation's Wealth Volume Author/Editor: Wealth Inventory Planning Study Volume Publisher: Volume ISBN: 0-870-14185-6 Volume URL: Publication Date: 1964 Chapter Title: Appendix I-A: Uses of Wealth Estimates Chapter Author: Various Chapter URL: Chapter pages in book: (p. 163 - 176) APPENDIX I TEN BACKGROUND PAPERS A. Uses of Wealth Estimates B. Historical Censuses and Estimates of Wealth in the United States C. National Wealth Measurement in Canada D. The Soviet Capital Stock Inventory and Revaluation E. Wealth Surveys in Japan F. Relationship of Balance Sheets and Wealth Esti- mates to National Income Accounts G. Notes on Measuring Capacity by Census Enumeration H. The Measurement of Capital J. Capital Goods Pricing K. Some Problems in the Estimation of Service Lives of Fixed Capital Assets 163 APPENDIX I: PART A USES OF WEALTH ESTIMATES 165 USES OF WEALTH ESTIMATES As background for the general discussion on uses of wealth esti- mates in chapter 2, the Wealth Study staff requested several economists connected with organizations which are among the major current or prospective users of wealth estimates to indicate their interest in this type of economic statistics. Specifically, the economists were asked to comment either briefly or in some detail on the points: (1) specific uses your organization makes of existing wealth estimates; (2) potential uses you would have if the wealth estimates were improved elaborated; (3) other uses you consider to be of importance; and(4) the directions in which you think the improvements and elaborations should go—as toward greater accuracy of aggregates; more detail on type of asset, industry, or region, etc. The replies are reproduced in this appendix as a supplement

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