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Robertsonian translocations in free-living populations of the house mouse in Belgium

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society
Oxford University Press
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  • Mus Musculus Domesticus
  • Chromosomal Polymorphism
  • Hybrid Zone
  • Biogeography


Abstract Mice with Robertsonian (Rb) translocations have been discovered in some 45 populations in Europe. In Belgium, we have observed either Rb(4.12) in a heterozygous or homozygous state (2 n = 39 and 38 respectively), or Rb(4.12) homozygous with a heterozygous Rb(5.10), or both fusions in a homozygous state (2 n = 37 and 36, respectively). Some locations are highly polymorphic and heterozygotes are found frequently. These observations suggest that the Rb population in Belgium could be of recent origin and probably is the result of introgression from Alsace (France) or Germany.

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