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Outlook of North Dakota Farm Households: Results of the 1988 Longitudinal Farm Survey



Agiulua Ecnmc Reor No. 24 Ma 198 Outlook of North Dakota Farm Households: Results of the 1988 Longitudinal Farm Survey F. Larry Leistritz Brenda L. Ekstrom Janet Wanzek Timothy L. Mortensen Department of Agricultural Economics Agricultural Experiment Station North Dakota State University Fargo, ND 58105-5636 L -m J - - - - - m= : May 1989Agricultural Economics Report No. 246 Acknowledgments The substantial amount of data and analysis that this report represents can only be amassed through the concerted efforts of a number of people and organizations. Our appreciation is expressed first to the Agriculture and Rural Economics Division of the Economic Research Service (USDA) for providing partial financial support for the project and to Fred Hines of that organization for his encouragement throughout the course of the study. A special thanks goes to over 600 North Dakota farm operators whose cooperation made our task easier and who provided us with information to help us all better understand current economic conditions in agriculture and farm households' adjustments to cope with financial stress. Our thanks also go to Steve Murdock, Don Albrecht, and Rita Hamm of the Department of Rural Sociology, Texas A&M University, for their assistance in designing the survey schedules and study procedures. Our appreciation is next extended to our outstanding crew of surveyors who gave up many nights to enable us to reach farm operators. They are listed below in order of most total time committed: Betty Butenhoff, Fran Zimmerman, Cindy Vanderwerff, Joy Mortensen, Holly Pherson, Betty Heuer, Barb Bauer, Cindy Stueve, Pat Anderson, Sharon James, Cindy Bartuska, Denise Melander, Rhonda Holzer, Shirley Aman, Kim Bauer, and Bonnie Erickson. Next, we thank the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service and the numerous support people who rose to the challenge of meeting a series of difficult deadlines. In particular, we thank our typist, Carol Jensen

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