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Computer Vision-12

DOI: 10.1016/b978-012685351-3/50013-5
  • Mathematics


Publisher Summary Computer vision (CV) is a technology that performs recognition of shape and color of objects that exist in nature; such as humans, animals, trees, forests or human made objects like constructions, handicrafts, cars, or roads. It also describes mathematical methods for two-dimensional image transformation. By one method, digital image transformation is performed via a space filtering operation. In another method, the filtering operation is performed by conversion from the space domain to the spectrum domain. The space filtering method has the objective to eliminate noise from the source image, called smoothing, and to detect features of the image such as contour and direction from the source image. In spectrum domain, the transformation from the space domain to the frequency domain for an input signal is performed, and the frequency spectrum is determined. Then, a filtering operation is performed on the spectrum. To obtain the output image, an inverse frequency transform for the spectrum is performed.

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