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Den sociala entreprenaden på socialhögskolan: En undersökning av attityder och kunskap om begreppet socialt entrepenörskap

Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan
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  • Social Exclusion
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Education In Social Work
  • Survey.
  • Social Sciences
  • Education


A study of social entrepreneurship in Lunds school of social work Social entrepreneurship is a rediscovered phenomenon in Sweden in need of exploration. It is considered a possible solution to the social exclusion in society, according to researchers (Levander 2011; Gawell et al., 2009; Yunus 2006; Lifvendahl 2005). The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to investigate the level of knowledge regarding social entrepreneurship of social work students at Lund University and to find out how the students look at the concept of social entrepreneurship. Further examine whether there is an interest in this area within the student body as well as if social entrepreneurship is given space on the social work program. We used the term social entrepenurship as our theory to analyze the results of a survey study of students' perception of the concept. Our results indicate a lack of knowledge about social entrepreneurship that could be characterized by the Swedish societal structure. We can see the concern in profit regarding social enterprises, perhaps because of the events, mainly the Carema Care scandal, close to answering of the questionnaire. It is also likely that Socialhögskolan does not have a contributing effect to more social entrepreneurship because it is not a priority during regular education.

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