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PRoduct ONTOlogy. Defining product-related concepts for production planning activities

DOI: 10.1016/s1570-7946(06)80378-0
  • Produc Model
  • Ontology
  • Production Planning Activities


Abstract Current Internet-based technologies enable the operation of Extended Supply Chains (ESCs) and introduce new requirements on enterprise systems. There is a real need to manage product-related information in such ESCs, where product models are the fundamental information source. This work describes an extension of the product information framework specified by PRONTO (PRoduct ONTOlogy), providing the foundations for a Distributed Product Data Management (DPDM) system supported by Semantic Web technology. The property and property vlaue concepts were introduced in the ontology with the purpose of formalizing the data aggregation and disaggregation processes required by productionplanning activities.

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