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Primarna prevencija moždanog udara u ordinaciji liječnika obiteljske medicine

Sestre Milosrdnice University hospital and Institute of Clinical Medical Research; [email protected]
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Posteri 99-106.p65 Acta clin Croat, Vol. 41, Suppl. 3, 2002 99 Second Congress of Croatian Stroke SocietyDrugi kongres Hrvatskoga dru tva za prevenciju mo danog udara ferred to geriatric units. Patient condition at discharge wasnot stated in 22 (1.8%) questionnaires, 770 (67.0%) pa-tients were discharged in improved condition, 77 (6.7%)in unchanged condition, 9 (0.8%) in deteriorated condi-tion, and 272 (23.7%) patients died during the treatment.The collection and analysis of data on stroke patients couldgreatly improve our perception of stroke in the Croatianpopulation. 50SHORT-TERM OUTCOME OF STROKEBradvica I1, Vuka inoviæ D1, Hani jar-Berlanèiæ J1,Mi eviæ S1, Klapec-Basar M2.1University Department of Neurology, OsijekUniversity Hospital, Osijek, 2Beli Manastir HealthCenter, Beli Manastir, CroatiaClinical characteristics and short-term outcome ofstroke were analyzed in patients treated at the OsijekDepartment of Neurology. The study included 67 patients,mean age 68.24 years. There were 34 women (mean age71.41 years) and 33 men (mean age 64.85 years). Data fromthe patient history and treatment protocol were thoroughlyanalyzed. The aim of the study was to determine moreprecise indicators of short-term stroke outcome in ourpopulation, which would enable comparison with data fromother countries and facilitate patient prognosis. The fol-lowing indicators were obtained: first ever stroke was re-corded in 50 (74.6%) and recurrent stroke in 17 (25.4%)patients; ischemic stroke was diagnosed in 59 (88.0%) andhemorrhagic stroke in 8 (12.0%) patients. The followingcomplications of stroke were recorded: pneumonia in11.9%, urinary infection in 25.4%, deep venous thrombo-sis in 3% and consciousness disturbances in 28.4% of pa-tients, whereas decubitus was not recorded at all. Totaldisease outcome and grade of functional deficit in survi-vors expressed by modified Rankin scale (RS) were as fol-lows: complete recovery and independence (RS grade 0and 1) were recorded in 11.0%; moderate neurologic def-icit and

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