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On the potential of delta-doping for AlInAs/GaInAs HEMTs grown by MBE

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  • Aluminium Compounds
  • Gallium Arsenide
  • High Electron Mobility Transistors
  • Iii-V Semiconductors
  • Indium Compounds
  • Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth
  • Semiconductor Doping
  • Semiconductor Growth
  • Delta -Doping
  • Hemts
  • Mbe
  • Design
  • Sheet Resistivity
  • Alinas-Gainas
  • Design


A theoretical and experimental comparison of homogeneously doped and delta-doped electron supply regions in AlInAs/GaInAs HEMT structures is presented providing optimized design parameters. The electrical material characteristics in dependence of the doping sheet concentration are assessed. Minimization of the HEMT sheet resistivity is attained by variation of the channel/delta-doping plane separation.

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