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The Linkage between Stressful Life Events, Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Errors and Depressiveness in Adolescents

Elsevier Ltd
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DOI: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.08.095
  • Depressiveness
  • Adolescents
  • Emotional Intellegence Stressful Life Events
  • Negative Cognitive Errors
  • Stressful Life Evens


Abstract The linkage between stressful life events, emotional intelligence, cognitive errors and depressiveness is investigated on the sample of 713 adolescents aged 13 to 17 from Russia and Kirghizstan. Statistically significant correlations with the depressiveness score (CDI) were observed for all the measurements: cognitive errors (CNCEQ), emotional intelligence (EQI) and stressful life events. Cognitive errors appeared to be correlated with the perception of number and importance of stressful life events (both dependent and independent on persons’ behaviour). Emotional intelligence scales (Coping with stress and Intrapersonal ability) were correlated only with life events that are dependent on ones behaviour and might be provoked by the person.

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