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The development and technologizing of selected Sepedi ICT terminology.

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  • African Languages And Literature


The purpose of this thesis is to develop and technologize certain Sepedi language ICT terms in order to ensure that the Sepedi speakers have access to Sepedi ICT terminology and on-line dictionaries. Many ordinary Sepedi speakers are not able to access such technologies due to lack of understanding of certain concepts in their own language, or through the medium of English if they do not have an adequate command of this language. Even though some Sepedi scholars have endeavored to provide terminology and online dictionaries that are necessary for technologizing the Sepedi language, a number of problems still exist within the technical elaboration and development process. It is my wish that the Sepedi language speakers, through the development and technologization of certain Sepedi ICT terminology, are able to operate a computer in their own language, and implement the new developed and technologized ICT terminology (technologization). The pupils and students at their various institutions should be made comfortable in using the developed and technologized Sepedi language terminology. In the long run the Sepedi language speakers should be ensured access to the web in order to find information about Sepedi language, culture and terms in disciplines such as ICT. It is recommended in this thesis that higher learning institutions offer bursaries to students to develop all South African languages in such a manner that they can be used in all high status functions.

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