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Analysis and parameter identification for characteristic equations of single- and double-effect absorption chillers by means of multivariable regression

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  • Systéme à Absorption
  • Refroidisseur De Liquide
  • Modélisation
  • Simulation
  • Régime Permanent
  • Performance


Two approaches to the characteristic equation method have been compared in order to find a simple model that best describes the performance of thermal chillers. After comparing the results obtained using experimental data from a single-effect absorption chiller, we concluded that the adaptation of the characteristic equation method developed by Kühn and Ziegler (2005) is the simplest and that it provides similar or better accuracy than the other approach. This selected approach has been used to fit catalogue and experimental data of single-effect chillers and has been extended to double-effect commercial chillers. The characteristic parameters for these chillers are given and can be incorporated as a chiller module in thermal modelling and simulation packages.

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