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Retorika i retorički oblici u Križevačkim štatutima

The Historical Society of Križevci
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  • Križevački štatuti
  • Usmenoknjiževna Retorika
  • Retorički Oblici
  • Zdravice
  • Hvale
  • Govorništvo
  • Križevački štatuti
  • Rhetoric Of Oral Literature
  • Rhetorical Forms
  • Toasts
  • Eulogies
  • Rhetoric
  • Design
  • Literature


One of the oldest and most known Croatian rules of drinking in a close company, Križevački štatuti, cannot be designated by one genre only. They are a combination of many genres of oral literature, principally oral songs, rhetoric, rhetorical forms, and oral drama. Toasts are a fundamental and dominant rhetorical form in Križevački štatuti. They are accompanied by eulogies used as a response to the toasts. In order for Križevački štatuti to function well in their performance, a good orator, who with a carefully chosen vocabulary and solemn tone says toasts and lines of oral folk literature, is of great importance.

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