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Funciones de CONUCO en el mundo de las revistas puertorriqueñas

Revista Exégesis
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  • Ij. Reference Work.
  • Bg. Information Dissemination And Diffusion.


A profile of CONUCO database is presented with the purpose of showing its usefulness and meaning for Puerto Rican periodicals. This database mainly compiles articles published in Puerto Rican periodicals but includes materials from Puerto Rican authors and topics published in foreign periodicals. The profile is accompanied by a series of characteristics which describe the reason of being of the art of indexing. It is established that the aim of indexing is to facilitate information retrieval of documents and images included in a multidocumentary index as the one described. The development of this database had been impossible without the collaboration of periodicals editors within the index frame of commitment to provide information and knowledge to the people of Puerto Rico.

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