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Publishing Network Services with ISA 2006 Firewalls-Chapter 5

Elsevier Inc.
DOI: 10.1016/b978-159749199-0/00005-8


Publisher Summary This chapter describes the publishing of network services with ISA 2006 Firewalls. Web Publishing and Server Publishing Rules allows one to make servers and services on ISA firewall Protected Networks available to users on both protected and nonprotected networks. One of the major advantages of using Web Publishing Rules to publish Web sites on protected networks is the ISA firewall's ability to perform very deep application-layer inspection on all connections made to published Web sites. Web Publishing Rules allow you to redirect connections based on the path indicated by the external user. It is found that when subsequent users make requests for the same content on the published Web server, the content is served from the ISA firewall's Web cache instead of being fetched from the Web server itself. Caching responses from published Web sites reduces the load on the published Web server and on any network segments between the ISA firewall and the published Web server. It is observed that the ISA firewall includes two wizards for publishing Mail Servers right out of the box.

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